Pre-Development Strategy

Familiarity with the community and planning process allows Urban Assets to successfully identify and define a project's vision, goals and objectives, steps, stakeholders, potential resources, and management structure in order to develop a feasible implementation strategy.

Fundraising Infrastructure & Capital Campaign Coordination

Urban Assets understands that successful fundraising initiatives require a considerable amount of planning. We also understand that non-profits are often so busy with the day to day operations of their organizations that the thought of translating their vision for growth into tangible fundraising goals can be overwhelming. Urban Assets can manage capital campaigns using engagement strategies and processes tailored to each client's unique set of circumstances and goals.

Community Engagement

Urban Assets can develop and manage public participation processes, from stakeholder surveys to community workshops, to gather input into a planning process, test ideas, build consensus, and facilitate approvals.

Partnership Building

Urban Assets' philosophy is firmly based on the concept of collaboration. Complex projects often involve engaging other organizations and building partnerships. We are skilled at facilitating those connections and developing those partnerships.

Facilitation of Property Development Approval Process

Urban Assets has the expertise to manage and facilitate all aspects of facility planning and development including due diligence, project definition, decision-making structure, tasks and timeline, budget, stakeholder input, design and construction, communication, and approvals. We facilitate project approvals including coordinating municipal staff input, engaging political leaders, and managing interactions with the various municipal commissions and committees.

Project Management

Urban Assets has the experience and expertise to manage all aspects of a project including project definition, tasks and timeline, budget, stakeholders, consultants, communication, and approvals.

Property Master Planning

Urban Assets has the experience to bring together and manage the right team to master plan a site, district, neighborhood, or downtown from concept all the way through rezoning. Working closely with our clients, we identify and engage the necessary talent and ensure they are a good fit for the project and the team.  Urban Assets will develop and manage the master plan process and timeline, including the project team,  community engagement, partnership building, deliverables, and the approval process.

Healthy Community Strategies

Urban Assets understands that there are many ways in which the built environment affects public health. We also understand that equity is an essential part of this conversation. We help to incorporate healthy community planning, policy and design strategies, including multi-modal transportation and connections to essential services, into planning documents, development projects and public engagement processes. We help stakeholders identify connections between near-term decisions and long-term outcomes.

Our Clients Include:

Non-profits seeking to solve a space-constraint challenge

Developers needing to engage the public or navigate approvals

Municipalities seeking assistance with planning studies

Corporations looking to expand or re-imagine campuses or facilities

Organizations from any sector needing help with stakeholder engagement and facilitation

Non-profits seeking assistance with fundraising initiatives