Melissa Huggins, AICP, Principal


As the founder of Urban Assets, Melissa's goal is to provide clients with the unique skills and expertise necessary to implement complex planning and development projects. Melissa has a wealth of experience with master plans, downtown plans, neighborhood plans, and redevelopment strategies. She believes that strategic community engagement and implementation are most crucial to a project's success, and excels at guiding these processes. Melissa's keen understanding of stakeholder relationships, project organization, and long-term planning help drive projects to the highest levels of success.

Melissa was born and raised on the Upper Westside of New York City.  Having lived in Madison since 1996, she now considers herself a Madisonian (though the spirit of the New Yorker remains).  Melissa focuses on projects that serve the community and contribute to a vibrant urban environment. 

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Quinn Heneghan, Business Manager, Partner


As Business Manager for Urban Assets, Quinn's administrative tasks include client communications, account management and strategic planning. Her project-focused tasks include research, documentation and coordination related to community planning and development. She is a skilled focus group facilitator and has successfully mediated focus groups with diverse participants. Additionally, Quinn brings over 20 years of fundraising and event planning to the table. She assists non-profit clients with fundraising infrastructure and capital campaign management as a certified fundraising professional.

A long time Midwesterner, Quinn grew up in Baraboo, Wisconsin and spent a decade in the Chicago area before moving to Madison in 1994.  Prior to her job at Urban Assets, Quinn immersed herself into the Madison volunteer community by working with local neighborhoods, schools and non-profit organizations. 

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Zia Brucaya, AICP, Associate Planner


As an Associate Planner with Urban Assets, Zia is inspired by great communities and believes that everyone deserves to love where they live. She holds an M.S. in Urban and Regional Planning and offers a background in sustainable land use and development, multimodal transportation, placemaking and public engagement. She is a skilled facilitator with over six years of experience leading meetings and workshops to advance planning and policy goals. 

Born and raised in south central Wisconsin, Zia has lived and traveled extensively throughout the U.S. and world. She draws important connections between urban planning, public health and environmental sustainability and excels at finding creative ways to meet community needs. She has engaged new partners and collaborated successfully with public, private, nonprofit and tribal entities of all sizes in Wisconsin, New York, Alaska and Indiana.

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Katherine Fadelli, Planning Assistant


As Planning Assistant for Urban Assets, Katie works closely with planners on various planning projects and assists with administrative tasks as needed. She supports planners with research, mapping, statistics, and document production, and takes part in stakeholder communications and client interactions, including meeting facilitation and support.

Katie joined Urban Assets as Planning Intern while a student of History, Geography, and Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Since graduating, she has been grateful to utilize her passion for urban planning and her academic background in urban history and human-environment interaction in several exciting Madison-area planning projects. Raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Katie believes that creating vibrant and sustainable cities is crucial to combating many social and environmental issues. Katie spent a semester in Costa Rica studying Sustainable Development and is proficient in Spanish. 

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